Smart Digital Mobil

Future initiative Bremen & Bremerhaven

Bremen is heading towards the future. Digital transformation is changing our state, new approaches to mobility are changing the way we move in it. Electric vehicles, autonomous driving, connected systems, cycling - these are all catchwords for a transformation that will shape our lives in the upcoming decades.

The smart-digital-mobil initiative paves the way for this transformation. Science, business and politics are working together to create urban, interconnected cities worth living in. It combines an innovative economic area, excellent knowledge and environmentally friendly business practices.

The initiative aims at sustainably strengthening the economic power of the state and the competitiveness of its companies. At the same time, it aims to further improve the quality of life and attractiveness of Bremen and Bremerhaven as a location, both for its citizens and for professionals from elsewhere. On these pages we will show you first-hand how this will be achieved.